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Instructions to get you started.

1. Adding contacts
Click on categories and create some new categories to put contacts in.
Either add contacts one by one or upload a csv file matching the downloadable template. Make sure the segment name matches what you created.

2. Generate content
In Generate page you will see many prompts to choose from. Be as creative as you would like. You can also create a prompt from scratch.
Length is make tokens to use. Variability is 0-1 value to determine how much the content will vary. 0 is no variation and 1 is maximum variation. versions specifies the number of versions to create
All this content can be edited right in the app. You can also add links to your content.

3. Text contacts
To use texting you will need a Twilio account. You can get a free trial account. You will need to add your Twilio account details in the 'Text' button in contacts tab. You need both API keys and the number you purchased.

4. Send messages
You can send messages in contacts tab. Just copy the content you generated and paste it in the message box. You can also add links to your content.
Specify which contact segment to send it to and send. This will got to all the contacts specified in that segment.

4. Targeted mass messaging
This feature is in the Communicate tab. Specify the segment you want to send to and the content you want to send, add a subject and signature block.
Be very specifically what you are trying to do and create some samples to test how good it is.
This creates content SPECIFICALLY for each contact based on the infomration provided when you added them to the platform.

5. Creating harmful or abusive content or attemting to spoof will result in both OpenAi not accepting a prompt and removal from HotBox Ai
the response object from open ai if blocked will be reported as "blocked" and the content will be empty. Enough attempts will result in a ban.

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